Wednesday, December 3

Mpow Streambot 2-In-1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Music Streaming Switchable Receiver and Transmitter

Mpow Streambot 2-In-1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio is an awesome item to own! not only do you have a way to make a non Bluetooth speaker have Bluetooth capabilities, but it can be done in reverse and you can make a non Bluetooth device be able to work with Bluetooth speakers.
It's almost like having a little attachment making something that never was Bluetooth into a Bluetooth device.

I love how small this product is and it fits in the palms of my hands. The simple slim device is pretty powerful, but doesn't require much space to enjoy music or videos or any type of sounds you love hearing from your devices.

I use mine with my smartphone and MP3 Player, when on the go or even at home. So really with my old phones that don't have the ability to play Bluetooth I just attach this, same with my older computer and than I can turn it to Bluetooth speaker.

I really think the concept is different, really awesome, and something that's like as close to adding a brain to a product that never had one before, intelligent. I mean if you find your old devices still as good as the first day you got them, but miss having some new features that most products come with.I think this is what one of those special gizmos would do for you, taking an old product and transforming it into a upgraded one. 

In away this gadget, I feel takes my old stuff and makes it just better! 

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