Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mpow® Bluetooth Portable Indoor Outdoor Sport Water-resistant Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

The Mpow Bluetooth Portable Indoor or Outdoor Speaker is great for any time of the day, even in the rain. What makes it different is that you can listen to the music and not fear the down pour of rain ruining the speaker. Unfortunately, most Bluetooth speakers will provide you with
great sound and claim to be water proof, but than you read the manual and it's like to a certain point. Mainly they are waterproof if you splash a little or it gets maybe drizzled on, but what about real amount of soaking. I mean if it down pours or it falls in the water is the product totally destroyed?

Top of the speaker

Well than that is why I like Mpow's Water-resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It is made to last through horrible weather, keep you charged up when the power in the entire house is down and provide you with crystal clear sound. However, I never really super soaked my speaker intentionally, but when I accidentally got caught in the rain, the water just dripped off and not even the sound or speaker short circuit!

AUX Cable and USB Port

I think this is my only real speaker that didn't claim water proof and end up being still unable to get soaked in water. Plus, my first one to have an extra special external battery of 1000mAh to charge your phone up. So in the entire product, you've got a back up battery, a well designed product for outdoors and indoor use, and a battery which will last close to a half day without requiring recharging. 

External Battery Entrance

Really great product, a true entertainment and emergency product to own!

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