Monday, December 22

Morning Pep Real Birch Xylitol sweetner (Not From Corn)

Low carb or just want a healthy replacement for sugar, than Morning Pep is a great choice!
Xylitol can be made from either corn, which than you might have GMO's to worry about and that isn't always a great choice, but some do it cause of the cost. However, the Morning Pep brand is Birch Xylitol and it's GMO and gluten free, with no after taste.

I use mine in tea, recipes for sauces, and pretty much anything sugar would normally be in. I think actually for a teeth healthy sugar, it's a tastier one as well!

No aftertaste and just as sweet as sugar!
One thing I hate and that is aftertaste, but with Morning Pep I didn't taste anything different in my drink or my food. One thing I love doing with this product is adding it on top of strawberries and even sprinkling some on toast with cinnamon.

No sign of the sweetner, mixes very well!
Just a tasty and delicious substitute and probably way better than chemically made brands.

If you would like to purchase this product, please take a look at the link below:

Also: You can get it in different sizes like 1lb, 2.5lb and 5lbs.

Thank You

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