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Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success--Online and Off by Michelle Phan

Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success--Online and Off 
by Michelle Phan

I'm always looking for new ways to look my best, and normally I don't wear makeup. So to find a book that can help me figure out how to wear my makeup or even help others fix what they may be using incorrectly is something every woman should have.
This is a perfect beginners book and will help guide you through every part of the face, your hair, and much more. You will soon become the makeup artist you always wanted to be! 

One thing to note, this book won't give you those looks of extreme overdoing your makeup. I mean like bright shades around the eyes or extreme use of eyeliner for wider. Plus, the many more funky and stylish looks you might find in the magazines or on your friends. 
However, I still think that's ok to wear, but if your looking for something more natural than this book has got you covered.

You begin by learning about Michelle Phan and how she went through life with beauty being everything. You will learn what Black Tie party means, or even tips with using your fingers and different tools you find in the stores that come in handy for applying and giving you that
much needed look for any day or night, on and offline. So you will learn to take better photos for social networks, or just for everyday portraits and get togethers.

I really do think this is a great book, very helpful and the size is perfect to take along on a vacation or anyplace. Therefore, you can always read up on what you need to wear or what to do if your unsure about certain products or makeups to use.

Great beginners guide and a lovely hardcover book to own!

If you want to learn more about the author or the book check out the links below:

Author: http://www.randomhouse.com/author/177672/michelle-phan

Book:   http://www.randomhouse.com/book/228336/make-up-by-michelle-phan

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