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Magicfly Handheld Steam Inhaler / Steam Vaporizer / Personal Steam Inhaler

The Magicfly Handheld Steam Inhaler is perfect to relieve problems with asthma and also for decongestant. I use mine for opening my nostrils up and helping me be able too breath again. After awhile, living with a smoker or a place that doesn't get ventilation from fur and dust, you sort of get like stuffy, congested and feel miserable.

What you get in the box, plus instructions.

Side view of the inhaler

Front view of the inhaler
Power Supply

Power cord is attached to the back of the machine
Power on and choose mode is located on the side.
However, after a few long breath ins and outs, I'm feeling like a whole new me! The heat and mist work to relax you and one more thing you can even get a great steam facial with it as well.
So imagine reducing your tired and congested nose, while clearing out your pores around your nose and detoxing yourself from all day dirt and grime. 

Where you would fill the water, after removing the top part of the machine.
Call it the two in one, but really if you use it for the purpose of clearing out your nostrils and opening up your airways, than you will be honestly glad to have it. I myself find it useful daily!
Not just once a week, but daily because it does really help me breath easier and I can smell better, since I live in a non ventilated place. 
The many different nozzle attachments to choose from.
Two  long nozzle attachments included
Choice of two size mask attachements, large or small.
Therefore, for kids, adults, and pretty much anyone could use this to breath and feel better!

Terrific product and a nice size Steam Inhaler.

Here is a video showing you the product in action:

You can purchase the Magicfly Handheld Steam Inhaler / Steam Vaporizer / Personal Steam Inhaler, at the link below:

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