Saturday, December 13

LIMM SPORTS ARMBAND for iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 / S4!

The Limm Sports Armband is a perfect fit for those who want an easier way to listen to the music on their larger phones. I know it only says that it would hold the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5/ S4, but it really can hold Your Samsung S3 as well. Just one thing is that the case can't be left on your phone cause it be too thick and won't fit the Limm Sports Armband.

I like the fact that its easy to place on my arm, keeps it in place and doesn't fall down while taking a walk with my dogs or just going out for a light jog.
The ability to access my buttons, is another importance to me because I don't like to have to stop just to take my phone out of the armband and change the station or music I'm listening too. Instead, the ability to press the buttons right through the see through window on the arm band makes it easier to press and go. 

The Lycar and Neoprene case is super durable, light weight and comfortable. It also is helpful protecting against sweat. Also, you have the special key holder area, perfect for holding your key and you won't need to put it in your shoe or else where. The key holder is perfect size and secure enough so you won't lose it while working out!

I really enjoy the comfort and easy button access ability. 

If you would like to check this LIMM SPORTS ARMBAND out, please follow the link below:

Also you have a choice between different straps so you get the right fit for you!
-Arm Size: Average (yellow logo): Strap fits 10-3/4'' to 16-1/8'' arm circumferences
-Arm Size: Slim (green logo): Strap fits 8.8'' to 11'' arm circumferences

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