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Kohree 12 Flameless Votive Candles with Remote & Timer, Pillar LED Candles

These Kohree 12 Flameless Votive Candles are perfect to light up a dark room, either from powerless or just to make any room look marvelous! My family was known for using candles at night as away to make watching movies even better and special. Plus, when your watching something scary, it sort of works out to make the room just as spooky.

These lights are evenly lit, non of these came in half as bright as the other. The remote control can easily light every candle at the same time and change their appearance to almost seem realistic with the flickering light. I love how well it can resemble a real candle and not just by the lights movement, but the design of the candle itself. How the candle appears melted on top almost like a real candle would appear if you lit it and it began to melt.  Sometimes, it is the appearance that makes the difference, and these work out great tricking anyone to believing they are real wax candles.

On and Off Button
One thing that I find excellent is the amount you get. When you have 12 Pillar Candles that your in charge of, you can create some fun shapes for a romantic evening or just set them up in maybe your living room or bed room to give a great ambiance during the night. Another thing that comes in handy is setting them all to be timed to go off. Just in case you don't want to remember to flick them off at a certain time or maybe you fall asleep while they're on, than to have it set to either 4 hours or 8 to go off is a good thing. 

Finally, I think it's a perfect set of candles, you can really place them any where in the house without fear of burning anything down, and even a safe way to decorate indoors and outdoors for all types of occasions.

Great product for safety, decoration, and for it's bright LED light.

 Video Demonstration:

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