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Just A Trace Reusable StencilsRa

Today, I have for you a variety of stencils by a company named Just A Trace. It's something any scrapbook, crafter, DIY, and many other projects could use. These all are interesting and provide great looks to the object your decorating. The ones below are just a few of the marvelous designs you could purchase from Just A Trace. I also included an example of the design drawn on a piece of paper, so you can see how they would look if traced.

1.  Just A Trace Mamma Giraffe Pattern Stencil

The Mamma Giraffe Pattern Stencil is a nice decorative design that gives any piece of paper or object a edgy and safari look. The detail is perfect and you can tell by the image it is a giraffe's skin pattern. The size I have is the 2 inch and it's perfect for giving small objects as well as large ones a lovely giraffe design. I actually been practicing it with many different size pieces of paper and find it to be so easy to use.

The pattern is so easy to use. You can easily move the stencil to the right or left from where you placed the pattern and overlap it with the last row of shapes. That is how you get it even and perfectly to cover the entire object with the right spacing.

When you can use this over and over, the fun really never has to end. Think of all the possibilities and items you can decorate and gift to others. I am having a blast with the giraffe design! Its really a lovely stencil and makes me just want to go and be creative with the design!

You can find this beauty at the link below:

The Ornament Stencil is perfect for giving you a design you can add to decorative pieces of appear an make some fun round, diamond or any shape ornaments to your tree. However, you can use this in so many other ways as well.

Flipped for a different design.

I find it to be useful on small size pieces of paper, like heart shapes or round shapes and creating fun decorative ornaments by placing a small hole on top and adding a string or even as a decorative design to my scrapbook.

I love the look and you can even switch it either side ways or up and down and have a different look on any design your creating.

Here is where you can find this lovely design:

You will enjoy this Rain Stencil and I can tell you I do! The reason being that its one stencil you can trace on the object your decorating and than after it drys or when ready you can apple the same stencil and overlap the big rain drops with the smaller ones and have a two layer look with a use of different colors. It is something fun, creative, and very interesting. It really gives a 3D look to the object your using it onto. I can make a lovely card design and make a realistic look of rain with a overlapping and mix of different sizes.

Rain 2 layer ( 2 sheets that overlap)

It is really a great pattern, one I never seen in the stores. However, this one is something to make decorating with a rain look easier and realistic! You don't have to be an artist to get the look of real rain drops with this stencil.

If you would like to try the Rain (Two Layers) Stencil, please follow the link below:

4.Just A Trace Camille Art Deco Pattern Stencil

The Camille Stencil is a beautiful pattern. Reminds me of either water splatter or leaves. I think it works in so many ways to decorate a piece of paper, for a card, or a delightful design on 
maybe even decorate the doors or walls in the house. It really can be used in so many ways and is easy to use and created a large or small amount of this pattern in the object your using it with.

flip it for a different design

I find it to be a great way to decorate a scrapbook page, to add design to some DIY objects and even make cards for a special occasion with.

I really love the design, durability and the best part I can use it as often as I like.

You can find this design at the link below:

Finally, if your looking for a high quality stenciling product that won't last one time and can be used all over the house, than check out www.JustATraceCo.com for all your decorating needs!

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