Monday, December 15

Ipow Extendable Wireless Cable Control Self-portrait (No Bluetooth Matching and Charging Free) monopod Selfie

The Ipow MonoPod Selfie is a terrific products that doesn't require pairing up with a smart phone. Sometimes, having so many apps for photo taking and having to pair them with the Bluetooth can just be annoying. What I like is that this product is simple.

Just fit your phone into the clamp, adjusting it to hold correctly. Attach the cable into the audio port of your phone and your ready to get a group of friends or family together to
shoot a portrait or just a selfie of yourself.

You twist the phone mount on to the pole

The Monopod Selfie Stick does stretch at a good distance, and at this point you should very much be careful to have fit the phone and installed it to the end of the pole correctly or it may slide out. However, if all done well you will have the perfect stick for capturing moments at any location.

Extends very far, able to snap a great selfie and portrait shot!

I find it better to snap photos outdoors after hiking or traveling through the woods and trying to capture the moment, when at a party and want to get your family and yourself in the photo at the same time, or even just for fun and taking a personal new selfie for profile photos.

(Using an older phone) example of installing the wire in to the  earphone hole
(Using an older phone) 

It really is a wonderful stick to own and can be easier and faster to install than adding a new app and pairing with Bluetooth.

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