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Ipow Book Music Stand Light - Rechargeable LED Lamp

The Ipow Book Music Stand Light is a wonderful way to be able to view what your reading, watching on your computer or tablet and so much more!

Rechargeable USB plug goes into the back of the lamp.

Charges in any USB Port

This is really an excellent device that doesn't take batteries and won't cost you in the long run. 
The rechargeable LED Lamp is something I wish I had before, I would of saved so much cash! Plus, not only does it save you there, but the LED light is bright!

Four Lights, two in each Lamp Head

The back is where the on and off buttons are located for the LED light.
Click once for one light and twice on anyone of the Lamp Heads to get both LED lights on.
What One light on a single LED Lamp Head looks like.
What Two lights on a single LED Lamp Head looks like.
All Four Lights Powered On

Most regular LED lights that run by battery don't really light up much, and if they do its only one area. However, I find it hard to see the bottom or around the book to view what is being said in the dark.

Soft grip to allow no damage to your device, books or wherever you clip it on.

That's why I also love the Book Light Stand, it clips on but with the goose like necks, which there are two you can move them around to see everything you need and to your comfort.

Goose necks which make this lamp easy to bend and flex any
way you want your light to shine!
It works for so much this Rechargeable Book Light Stand, not just books! The clip is strong and easy to open and close down on any thing your wanting to read or view at night.

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