Friday, December 19, 2014

Invoketress Beauty Natural Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion

I think most things we all focus on is our looks and tan skin is something that makes one look younger, toned and just excellent! I think for the sun to help in that department can be just damaging to the skin and not worth the time and pain of catching any type of skin cancer. I can only relate to the cancer part because my grandma actually had some on her face and she had to get it removed.  That can just be scary!

Therefore, to have some alternative that doesn't hurt your body, but perfects it with a lovely bronzing as if you tanned all day, I would suggest you try this Tanning lotion by Invoketress Beauty. It is all organic and natural and never tested on animals.
What I have not gotten from this product is something most tan-less tanners will give you, which is that orange look. Yucky! I'm not an orange and my skin when tanned in the sun doesn't turn out orange!  So when I use this product, that is one thing I don't fear. I've notice only nice dark bronzing that you get for being in the sun for hours. 

Before using the product!

Afterwards the results are awesome!

I actually would hate to waste a day to tan and only see it fade as the days go by. Plus in the winter there isn't much sun to tan your skin. Therefore, using this product I'm getting a tan all year long and hydrating my skin with the lovely moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter, a few other natural oils and the one that helps heal the skin Vitamin E. 

After use is what I love to see, no more pale skin or orangy look like other tanners give!

So if your like me and don't want dry, damaged skin by the sun, than take a chance and get a bottle of no streaking, hydrating, and real bronzing tanning lotion. You really can't lose, its guaranteed to work or you can always get your money back. So your almost like getting it for free! However, I really think your going to love it because ever since I tried the product my skin has gone a few shades darker and has been maintained as well as staying soft and smooth. 

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