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Intel Home Goods 6 Silicone Product Reviews

Below is a list of wonderful Silicone Cookware and Ice Trays for your house.

I love how nice they pop out just with a little push on the bottom. No more extreme amounts of fat or spray to keep my healthy fat free or low fat cakes coming out of the pan.

The black is very nice as well and it does seem to cool fast so thats also a benefit verse a metal tin.  I really like how easi it is to create delicious desserts without all the fat and effort to push them out. 

Also like always, with silicone easy clean up!

you can find this product here:

I love how easy they are to push out muffins and mini cupcakes. these are a wonderful item to own. They really come in handy for a small dessert or to create a crowd full of muffins and cupcakes. 

The silicone doesn't seem to melt and actually I feel as if they seem to cool faster than any metal tin would. The timing is the same with cooking any food your putting in these, but they do add a little more simplicity by allowing you to pop them out instead having to spray or butter the tin and clean up a horrible mess if it burns.

Easily can push out muffins or cooked foods
You can make so many different mini treats and meals with this 24 Mini Muffin Cake Mold and the black is sleek!

you can find this product here:

Intel Home Goods BBQ Mat - Set of 2 BBQ Grill Mats 

These are wonderful for cooking on top of the grill with, and I mean it can be anything! From eggs to pancakes, your grill is the new stove top. 

It really is a genius idea and totally different than I ever seen before! I will surely be grilling more this summer and spring.

you can find these here :

The Lego Large Minifigures Silicone Ice Tray is really cool! I think it can be an interesting way to make a child's birthday party special or just for the kid in all of us to enjoy! I love the shape and I'm a big Lego fan myself. It's fun to build and you can now have your own

Lego figurine in a glass of your favorite drink.

The larger one is fun for a huge bowel or pitcher, while the smaller Lego minifigures work for any large glass. However, you can be creative add flavored liquids into the mold and make a twist on ice tea with lemon minifigures or something funky like OJ with pineapple mini figures. I think however you decide to enjoy a glass of your favorite drink with a minifigure it just brings a smile and the memories of building with Legos as a child, come rolling back.

Love this and so much fun to make and watch them swim in my drink!

If you would like to own a pair or find out more about this product, please take a look at the link below:

Silicone 15-Ice Cube Maker Trays is perfect for making easy to pop out ice cubes. I really enjoy the simplicity and the black color is nice touch. Many of the ones I've owned are plastic and seem to be difficult to get 
any of the cubes out easily without making a mess. However, this one makes it a piece of cake and adds a nice easy to notice color in my freezer as white is always the normal ice tray. 

Great product, easy to use and the silicone doesn't leak in any funky flavors into the water( while freezing).

If you would like to own a pair or find out more about this product, please take a look at the link below:

Silicone BBQ Gloves are really nice and different verse many other gloves. These are the first ones I ever seen or owned that have nubs that give you a stronger and better grip on to your utensils, or pots and pans.The black color is nice as well, makes it perfect for female or male. I love how it's great for not only the grill but for in the kitchen around the stove, oven, and just about anything that is extremely hot. 

I think the five fingers make it easy to grab as well! I really am not a big fan of a mitten type heat resistant glove because they easily can slide and I just always found it hard to get a grip of the product.

I really think this is a wonderful product and easy to clean and use just about anywhere there is fire or heat to cook with.

If you would like to own a pair or find out more about this product, please take a look at the link below:

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