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InnoGear® Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter and Telescopic Tripod Self Portrait Bluetooth Monopod Hand Grip

The InnoGear Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter and Telescopic Tripod Self Portrait is a beautiful item to own. I really never knew how lovely it was till I opened the package. 
See I was searching for something that could raise my cell phone, when taking photos and also able to take great selfies. However, some things are hard to find that give you a full shot, plus have the clicking button to actually snap it in your hands.

Everything included in this kit
Smart Phone Mount

Telescopic Monopod, takes great selfie portrait shots
Knowing from experience, one I owned before just helped it out to a distance, but you had to set the timer to get it to take a photo. However, that all changed with this lovely product!

Tripod attachment

The Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter, allows me to snap a shot when I'm ready. By the way, it is with my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone. I really am impressed with the quality from a distance and it does go far, which is great for portrait shots with you and few friends/family members.  

The ability to switch it to a tripod, something I also wanted in a product is also wonderful. I couldn't find something sturdy and multi-useful such as this product. No more need for two different products because this covers my selfie and tripod issue.

USB Slot for the cord that comes with to allow for downloading saved files, photos and videos.

If you are looking for a new innovative way to capture a moment and shoot videos, than this is a wonderful product to own or even gift!

I truly love using it for all my photo and video captures. Very useful indeed!

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