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Inateck USB 3.0 7-Port Portable Aluminum Hub with 12V 4A Power Adapter and 5ft USB 3.0 Cable

I am a huge fan of a USB hub that allows for multiple products to be charged at the same time. I think this is the first one that I ever tried, having 7 USB Ports. I always wonder how they make it so that each product connected to the hub gets enough energy to charge equally. However,  I really can't say there is any cons to having an extra gadget in the house like this! 

Inateck 7 USB Port
7 Ports on the one side

For me I have many products and it's not fun when there is no power room to charge one item while another is taking up the outlet or USB slot on my computer. However, with a device like the Inateck 7-Port USB Hub, I'm able to charge my many different tablets, MP3 players, Smart phone and a friends phone as well as tablet without waiting hours to charge one device than another.

 The one end has the USB and AC power Supply Ports for the included plugs.
This is very convenient in my line of work and just for everyday use. I find it very affordable and for anyone who has so much devices, which may be most of the US population. I think that owning one of these do a great job keeping you charged and ready to play or work when ever you need a device. 
The included USB cord and AC adapter  allows for The 7 Port Hub to be plugged into an outlet or computer.

When you even look at the product, you'll notice how long and non bulky it is. Unfortunately, most products that have multiple USB Ports on one thing are either huge and round or just something that takes up a bit of space. 

For me this is a wonderful designed product and to keep charge of my products is what I need most, and this product delivers!

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