Wednesday, December 31

Inateck Laptop Case and All In One Card Reader Review

Here I have two new products by Inateck that are perfect for your phone and  a case to protect your Macbook around with you.

This is 11 inches so you can hold a small mini size or bit bigger than mini Laptop. I think it works perfectly for tablets and even regular PCs, but this case is great

for Macbook people. 

It is a nice felt grey outside with a soft and teddy bear flannel inside. Think of it almost like the flannel Pajamas you may own or that soft teddy you have on your bed or use to have as a child. I love how protective it is for my computer, but still has so much comfort for holding on too.  The durability is great and the quality is wonderful. 

You really aren't getting a bad case for the price, it's well stitched and strong to hold your laptop and some wires if you like. The little extra pouch is perfect for the wireless mouse and some other things, like for me I sneak in some SD cards or USB Cord for charging my phone.

It's really a nice product and the color is perfect for anyone of any age, which is why I love it as well, no gender or age specific.

Here is where you can find this product:

This is a wonderful product for your Tablets and Smartphones. This device can easily use any type of memory cards. You can take this in your purse and save all the files from your smart phone or tablet and upload them on a different device or on someone else's device, easily!

I love that it's got so many choices to use in the Card Reader Hub. You can use a Micro SD card, A Regular Size SD Card and even A USB Flash Drive and it wouldn't matter because they all will be able to save your files, once inserted in this device. 

One of my favorite things about this gizmo is that it's able to work with my older Smart Phones and tablets, not just the newer types.  You really won't find something so simple and easy to use. It has everything you need and all you need to do is plug in and begin downloading or uploading.

The Micro USB cord fits into your smart phone

When plugged into the Smart phone a red light will come on!

Wonderful product by Inateck!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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