Friday, December 26

iHomeSet Motion Sensor Closet Lights

iHomeSet Motion Sensor Closet Light is perfect for my dark storage closet. I have this one area that is shaded away from any light and shelves that go all the way to the top.
Unlike the most of the house, this area is very shaded and hard to know what I have in there.  So when I put this light up near the top of the closet area, I notice how much easier it was to see the entire shelves and what was on them. The LED light is bright enough to view not only one area, but the multiple sections I have in the closet. 


Magnetic Back, with a very sticky adhesive side that allows you to stick it any place

revealing the adhesive side

Batteries insert on the side, you need 4 triple A's

Opens up for inserting batteries

I really do enjoy the lighting and the sensor works wonders when I am just in need of a quick grab, without having to put on or turn on some type of light. Perfect for the large closet areas as well as smaller ones. I love it cause its instant light and something that my closet needs so I can see what I'm looking for.

Very bright LED

Easy to use, instantly lightens the shaded areas all through out the closet, and doesn't lose grip on to the area it's been applied too. 

My Closet is now able to be seen through out!

Love when something is easy to install and works like it should!

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