Sunday, December 28

iHomeSet Magic Color Changing Morning Coffee Mug - Heat Sensitive

I love tea, not much for coffee, but tea I'm always drinking! The iHomeSet Magic Color Changing Morning Coffee Mug is so soooo adorable! It works by the heat of the liquid in the cup, so I could have tea, coffee, hot water, pretty much any hot liquid and have it go from a black sleepy time cup to a wake up white and smiley cup.

I really never owned anything like it, and always seen these online. Now that I finally have one to use and enjoy, it makes me smile every time I use it! The face that goes from sleepy to happy is so cute and cheers me up every time I look at it as it transforms.

I love that every time I have a cup of tea, I can see the face brighten up like 10-12 times a day cause I am a tea-aholic, haha.  Also to mention, it's very well made and without any use of toxic chemicals or other harmful products, so no worries.

I know it mentions coffee, but I think if your using hot water of any type you will have the face turn white and happy, which seems to work for me and my cup of tea.

Love it!
Great product!

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