Wednesday, December 17

IBSound iGearPro USB Flash Drive Digital Audio Recorder

The iGearPro USB Flash Drive and Audio Recorder is really a wonderful product for recording lessons, spying and even keeping down important info to remember to do later.
What I love most is that there is no need to download a disc to your computer to use. It's just like those games, plug and play. 


I find that the charge can keep pretty long verse another brand I've gotten off another site. Also the amount of room you can store on the device is pretty good too, 4 GB.

Record on and off button, microphone and reset located on the side.

The one feature I never had on any recorder would be the voice activation. I think that makes this a little bit more luxurious and fun to use. I don't have to press buttons anymore, just

let my voice do the work. Totally another reason the world is evolving in techy products, making life simpler and easier to do things. 

I really do like this product and find it very useful for my studies and remembering things.

If you would like to purchase this product, please take a look at the link below:

Thank You 

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Disclosure "I was given the product free in exchange for an honest review"