Friday, December 19

IBSound Canvas Backpack with Laptop Compartment

I love the way this backpack fits my arms, and how comfortable it really is! The color is perfect for man or woman, the feel is soft and yet strong enough to hold cameras, laptops and just about all your gizmos.

I find that I can use it for a few items I own. I take my camera with me most places and so I can bring my old 35mm camera with large lenses with me and yet if I'm not taking that I can bring my laptop and still have room to also bring the mouse and earphones.

The quality is perfect and the look is wonderful for a casual or gadget loving person, like me! 
Laptop compartment inside the bag with a velcro closure.
It does resemble a students bag and though it looks more for the college or grown up IT student or maybe a Game Programmer. I find that this is worth it because most of the quality products you find out in the stores, to be able to hold and look as great as this bag does would cost over 100 dollars. However, I can fool people and make them think I'm using an expensive high end bag, but really its not that expensive and highly affordable!  
Really great and durable product! Love it!

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Disclosure " I recieved this product in exchange for an honest review"