Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holy Stone Mini RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

Everything included in the box

The Mini RC Quadcopter with HD Camera could be just the perfect gift to anyone or just for a fun gift to yourself, as this is to me.  I love robotic products, toys that use spy cameras, motors and pretty much anything that can move and work in ways that make you want to learn more.

This copter is something a child or adult would adore for hours! However, if the child is under 14, than make sure an adult is near by or anyone older is there while playing with this plane. It is a bit more complicated than traditional planes and would be a good thing to have a parent or adult present.


Protective Guard, 4 included for each side
The Air Craft is made to take flight and take videos or photos, but you can get additional parts and have your Quadcopter Aerocraft shooting bullets or bubbles.


TF Card Insert port on side of camera

USB Transfer and Memory Card Included

USB Cord for video and Photo transferring to the computer

Back end of the camera where the USB cord can be inserted to transfer photos and videos to the computer.

You really can fly the product easily, but before anything it's best to read the instructions that are included.  The controller has 4 channels and resembles an game controller. It isn't hard to find comfort holding the controller and pressing the buttons because of the shape and design. Plus, if your a gamer than you will find the controller easy to use.


Now the balance is perfect because of the 6 axis built in giving it a wonderful hover. However, to make sure it won't end up tilted in the air or having any strange rising, you need to make sure its on flat ground/surface. Now with the controller you can control it to go up, down, left, right and pretty much do a full 360 all over the place. Preferably outdoors would be safe, but you can fly the Quadcopter indoors too, just make sure there is plenty of empty room around it! 

Charging will have the red light on when plugged in to the computer and Quadcopter


The true enjoyment I get is the ability to take photos and also save your photos and videos on a TF reader. You really can go to town with photo taking and videos, if you like. Plus the best part, the entire Quadcopter is rechargeable through a USB Port. No more wasting batteries, which in something so powerful would cause them to go dead fast and you to go broke buying more to replace. The only thing you need to replace and get is the 4 double A battery in the remote controller. 
Connect Battery and the Quadcopter to get it ready to fly
Powered on

I really think out of all the R/C coppers and toy cars, that having one that takes good quality pictures, HD and video is something spectacular as well. 

Finally, for the price and the quality I think it's pretty good. Something that could impress your friends and keep you entertained.

Below video review for Quadcopter:

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