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Holy Stone Mini RC Drone 4 CH 6-Axis 2.4 GHz Gyro RC Quadcopter

The wonderful thing about RC's are the ability to control them! No more pushing or pretend flying, your really in the drivers seat and that is what I feel when I'm flying the Holy Stone Mini RC DroneThe 4 Channels, which mean 4 different functions allow you to go forward, backward, left, right, hover, flip, turn, and move up and down. Pretty much, this Drone is able to do a full 360 and the battery is longer lasting because it's larger than most Drones may have.
Therefore, the Quadcopter will stay in the air much longer and you won't be charging it as often.


For the person or persons who may be flying it, like myself there is different modes to choose from and it really comes in handy for those who don't know or just beginning to fly any type of RC or even one that has more power like this Quadcopter. As with everything in life, once you get use to the controls and taking flight all over the place, your able to adjust the speed. 

Tools and additional equipment for replacing broken  blades. You also have the
USB charger for the Quadcopter

Quadcopter in the color gold
Love the detailing!


Powered on the red button on below power button will light up and the small
monitor will come on

Tracks flight and other details, which you can add on to your Quadcopter

You will notice once you have it powered on, the lights red and blue will come on as well, A great indicator that the product is working. Than there will be the controller which is the only thing that needs batteries. It will have the same look as a video game controller with a small monitor on top that will help you track the channels and flight and with additional purchases and or another type, you can video record, take photos and a bunch of other wonderful things!

Also, the black controller with the blue line and red light up spot, when powered on really looks sleeker than any controller you get with the cheap made RC planes. You can even tell by how the product feels in your hands, it has such weight that it's not your typical little RC that may break instantly after it accidentally falls.

Charging the Quadcopter with a Laptop

However, in comparison the RC Drone Quadcopter is something to be amazed with, not only does it fly evenly thanks to the 6 axis, which balances it for even flying, but it also is nicely designed and fun for the entire family and great with friends.

I love the product most of all because it isn't as difficult to learn to use, it really is well made and the design is wonderful as well as the colors. 

Ready to fly!

You really won't find anything cheaper that can compare to the price of Holy Stone, plus you also have to take in account the durability and design, which would also be hard to find under 60 dollars.

A true enjoyment and collectors item for those who love RC's or Copters.

 Here is a short video of the Quadcopter in action:

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