Monday, December 29, 2014

Holy Stone 1:18 Remote Control Toy Rc Car Color Green

 The Holy Stone 1:18 Remote Control Toy RC Car is like my dream jeep! I always wanted to own a jeep, since I was young and this one is probably as close as I'd get to purchasing a real one. The camouflage colors remind me of the Air Force, when I was on active duty and the design is perfect replica of a true jeep wrangler.

Battery pack for Jeep
Charging the battery pack with the ac adapter included

The battery is strong enough to give you a good amount of power before charging again, while the only thing that needs to have batteries is the controller. The two antennas, one on the Jeep and the other on the controller work together sending the signals, which would be the directions your giving it. You could either control it to go forward, backwards, left, and right. 

Front of Jeep
Top view of the Jeep
Bottom view of the Jeep with the door way to the battery pack
and where you'll find the on/off button.
Back of Jeep
Remote Control, with left and right and up and down function

2 double A batteries to use the controller

Except for batteries, which are easy to find you get everything you need to start playing with the RC Toy Car. Also, if you have any children or need a special gift for a friend or loved one that collects RC's than this would really be a nice way to show them how much you care. The price is not bad, since I seen many at the store that have the same strong durable feel to it, but come at a higher price. 

I really do find this to be excellent because not only is it easy to drive, but the look of the product is of a true vehicle and something I always wanted to drive.

Truly a great product!

Short Video Demonstration:

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