Wednesday, December 17

Hayley Cherie Beautiful White Wedding Card Box

The Beautiful White Wedding Card Box is really something special! I always remember when at a friend's wedding, how they would have this white box placed upon the entrance table.
It would sit there and everyone would be asked to write down something they want to say to the bride. It was different than anything I remember at weddings, but it was really lovely.

Now for anyone, who has a friends upcoming wedding or maybe a baby shower I think would find this to be a perfect fit! I actually came to the idea of using it for a friend of mine who just had a baby. I never seen one quite as nice as this in the stores. However, if I don't have to afford gas, with all the high prices and the price of a box being over 30 dollars, I rather purchase it and have it delivered.

The box comes in a perfect square, with a lovely solid white and decorative design all over. It reminds me of the Fleur-de-lis ( lily the french flower). Than on top is a ribbon, which will face the guess as they place the cards into the box. The box does have a nice large slot and enough room to place many cards into the box. 

I really think this will bring joy to my friends baby shower, as we all will place a card into the box and write something special to the mommy to be.  You really can use it in so many ways, but this just seems to be one way my friends and family would use a box like this, during any party. Afterwards, it becomes a nice memory box for that lucky person, or yourself to keep and enjoy.

I really love the size, the style for many occasions and it's durable and strong paper used to create the box. It's very elegant and just fits perfectly for any wonderful party.

Great product!

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