Friday, December 19

FoxBrim Seaweed Complex Lotion (Natural & Organic)

The best type of lotion is one that isn't full of chemicals, but one that is kept simple and made with real ingredients. That is why I love using Foxbrim products, and the Seaweed Complex Lotion is just one of their great items. I think the seaweed ingredient, something I haven't used often from any other product or known of as an ingredient in lotions, have actually improved my skin. 

I can actually feel my skin becoming tighter and firm, almost like someone is pulling my skin back. However, it don't feel dehydrated like it's causing my skin to become dry and dull. Instead, I notice an improvement in my skins glow, and hydration level around
the eyes the lips and forehead. I can instantly suggest the Hyaluronic Acid has a great part in re-hydrating my skin. 

I don't normally eat a lot of plant food in my diet, aka veggies or fruit, but I do enjoy wearing them! Especially if they will improve my skin and rebuild the cells beneath it. 

The main ingredients that kick your skin back into shape are Phytochemcias, Polysaccharides, Organic Spirulina( Blue Green Algae), and Hyaluronic Acid. Each of these seem to work hand in hand by repairing and causing your skin to just look better daily.
Possibly the major reason why Foxbrim is highly rated with their products. They really know how to get the best ingredients and blend them into the perfect lotion or serum. 

I really love the fast absorption rate, the instant satisfaction of hydration, and the feeling of a firmer tighter face. 

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