Thursday, December 11

Etekcity® 15 Pack LED Fiber Optic Lights Up Flashing Hair Barrettes - Multicolor Clip Braid

You can dress to impress any party with these Etekcirty 15 Pack LED Fiber Optic Flashing Barrettes. They're so much fun and there is a total of 15, so share and have everyone party ready. I love these just to wear at night because they really add a bright and colorful look to my hair, you will not miss me coming that is for sure!


Easy open and close 
On and Off for the light effect, located on top.

The colors are very easy to see as it switches through them all. You have your red, yellow, blue, green and white lights. The battery is easy to replace, so unlike others you really can keep these longer and wear them as often as you like. 

Here are some of the many colors you'll see, once turned on.

What I love that makes these even brighter is the LED verse traditional light up, wearable items. These are just a blast and if your in a dark room, club, any type of party or just outdoors these are going to be one big attention grabber!

Comfortable in the hair, easy to add and just fabulous!

Here is a video of the product in use:

You can find these beautiful Barrette Clips by Etekcity, at the link below:

Thank You 

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