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Dot&Dot Slim Packing Cubes by Dot&Dot (Available in 10 Colors, 1pc and 4pc Set)

The Slim Packing Cubes are a pair of beautiful packing cubes, full of color and durability! Every Dot and Dot product I've gotten are made with strong zippers and have the extended length on them to help you easily open them without struggle. I hate when zippers are like super small and you can never get your hands to grip around them. The pull able attachment to the zippers make it easier and faster to just open instantly. They also go both ways left and right because of the two zippers.

Nice Handle 

Mesh top cover
You will notice  they are slim and can fit a good amount of items, for travel or just about anything. I normally use these for indoor use, but once on the road as I may be for Christmas, I can apply a few personal items and activities like crafting products with me in these cubesI myself have the lovely bold purple 4 cube set. It isn't too dark, but it is still a lovely color. Reminds me of the 3DS game system I had to get because of the color. I really am a big purple fan, most of my family is.

Inside one of the bags, with plenty of space for a slim bag.

Durable and strong pullies on the zipper
The inside is something to be surprising because you think by the look of the cube it may not really fit too much. However, the length is long enough you probably could fit your regular products like a brush, tooth paste, needles for knitting, crocheting, paint brush, paint and so much more easily.I find it easy to store crochet needles and few strands of yarn, which may be heading up with me to my sister's house.

I really love that they keep the mesh top to give you an idea what your bringing, so you never forget and know exactly what is in the package. Plus, it protects the items, since there also is a clear part below the mesh.

I really think these are great bags for travel, for home and just about any way you use them!

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