Tuesday, December 23

Broadfashion Barbie Doll Display Holder Dress Clothes Gown Mannequin Model Stand

The Mannequin Model Stand is a perfect display holder, but for me I see it as a sewers dream stand. No really, I can create my own fashion doll clothing to fit a barbie doll because of this lovely shaped Mannequin.

However, for holding clothing it does a great job and allows you to combine an outfit of colors and different styles together.  The stand itself is a perfect sturdy bottom and the height and shape is exactly the same measurements for your typical size barbie doll.

Strong base holds the entire thing evenly on a flat surface.
I really love the black too, a bit more sleeker than a white Clothes Mannequin Model Stand.
You do just a little put together, with every part included and you have a wonderful Mannequin Stand for doll clothing and making a great way to present each piece.

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