Monday, December 8, 2014

Aukey 39W/7.8A USB Travel Charger / Charging Station 5-Port w/ OTG Access for Android Smartphone/Tablet. IdeaBack for Fast Charging Android/Apple/Windows Devices

Aukey USB Travel Charger / Charging Station 5-Port w/ OTG Access is a really wonderful device that gets your smartphone or tablet charged quicker and not only one, but up to 5 devices can be charged at the same time.

Back Side of the Aukey Charger, where the power cord will be plugged into and the OTG Port is located
I love it, having more done faster and ready to go than charging things at a separate time. When your on the go, need to get your work done, or have a movie to finish watching than you'll be glad to have one of these with you!

I can now take all the work I do on my phone and tablet with me, finish them up and get charging to view some videos I have downloaded or even play a little Minecraft.  
However, I don't even have to travel, this product works any place you need to give your device some extra juice.  
5 USB Ports Located in front

This really is a wonderful gadget to own, charging is needed with any device you own and to have a faster easier way to get things up and running at the same time is just a perk I myself wouldn't pass up!

A few pros I would love to point out:
  • 5 USB Ports For Charging - more items allowed to charge at a time.
    • 2 smart charging ports 
    • 2 universal charging ports
    • 1 OTG port
  • Compact design - stores easily and not bulky.
  • Everything included - just plug in your charging USB cord from your device and your ready to go
  • Safe and Faster charging - everything charging at the same time, reduces the time to get going on whatever activity you need to complete or do.

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