Thursday, December 4

Adam Elements CliMate HUT Measurement UVI Advisor Remote Shutter

Adam Elements CliMate Hut Measurement Remote Shutter is small, looks to me like a cloud and tracks the humidity, UVI and temperature outdoors on your smartphone.

This is the newest technology for something that can help you know without the weather channel or radio to what it will be like outdoors.

It's like I said really small, clips on to your belt or bag and even just let it stand up on the little silver stand it comes with and let it keep you knowing what temperature it is and perfect if your at the beach. I can now use the Adam Elements CliMate Hut as my personal protector to keep me knowing how bad the UV's get outside.  You could even use it to see how hot it may be indoors and if it will cause damage to anything that doesn't or shouldn't
be stored in temperatures that high or low.

The top comes off to inster battery, which is included in package

I really think it's an interesting and useful device. Especially when outdoors sun bathing or just spending time on the deck in the sun.  Plus, it works with most smart phones, android 4.3 or higher and Apple newer products.

Ready to go, green light is on

You can find the Adam Elements CliMate Hut Measurement Remote Shutter at the linke below:

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