Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2 New Inateck Products Review

I have for you a wonderful selection of 2 new products from Inateck. These are all useful for your life, providing you with a way to keep your devices charged, protected, and a bit more comfortable for you to work on. Sometimes, having a little more luxury with new upgraded
designs could look awesome to own, but really gives you more comfort and ease of access to get things done faster and better!

The benefits of using Inateck is they provide you with a variety of devices for business and everyday use. Another, thing that is wonderful about this company is they have many places available to purchase their products from such as UK, USA, France and so many more all depending on the product your looking for.

Below is the three most excellent products by Inateck, which they do have many more that you can find on www.inateck.com

The beauty of this product is that it's got a lovely amount of compartments for your laptop, smart phone/cellphone and accessories such as earphones, external battery or even cash.

It's very easy to port around and the comfortable inside and out is not only stylish, but protection for the screens or equipment you may have stored in it. 

Two inside slots

Back has two pockets

I can easily fit a mini computer into this bag and even though its meant for the Microsoft Surface PRO 3 Tablet because of the size and shape. I think it really can work for many similar sized tablets and laptops. I think the main part that sticks out to me is the grey felt outside, which you might think may not be strong enough or long lasting to hold a heavier device. However, it really is extremely strong!

I was shocked to find that with everything from my cell phone to my computer and a few accessories, that the bag doesn't easily open from the Velcro due to the weight or end up having the devices beginning to fall out of each pocket/compartment.

Mouse Pouch

Another wonderful benefit of this product would be the inside! It's not only soft with a flannel inside, but it has a lining keeping away mold and any damage from usage, as well as protection for your computers screen, phones screen and anything else. 

Also they provide with this Inateck Bag a extra little felt bag that you can hold a mouse or another small device. It really is a nicely made product!

You can find this product, at the link below:

The Inateck Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is very comfortable to use. THe design of it is perfect enough to give a slight slant, while placed on a flat surface.

Just the right amount to feel as if your using a keyboard on your laptop or just as if you would on a regular PC. The product is meant to be used with your tablet or smartphones, which come in handy when gaming, writing notes, emails and a bunch of other things with your portable devices.

I love the no use for cables and the portability to take it any place you need too. So you really don't have to be home to use this product or at the office. Instead, I find myself sitting outdoors or at a restaurant and doing some work, without being stuck indoors or in the same area everyday.

A real helpful product to own and not just for it's durable design, but for the easy use of a keyboard when typing on a tablet can be annoying. Therefore, with a product like this you can just charge it and port it with you as well as your phone or tablet and never miss out on any event, while working or just for fun.

Something that I can't do using a stationary PC that would be just too heavy to take with me, but when you can have the same luxury as a computer with a tablet or smartphone and add the keyboard you really don't need to miss anything! 

You can find this product at the link below:

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