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2 Laviden Leather Leash Review

I have two different size Laviden Leather Leashes for Review. Each are made strong and are perfect for your dogs or cat.

The Lavien Braided Leather Leash is a simple product, but what is making this special is the high quality leather! Not only does my dog love to run down the street with me, but she tends to pull when we walk.This product, even though may seem lighter just didn't break off or fall apart. The rope look by the clip is lovely and the leash itself is nice and long.

I have two small Chihuahuas and they love to go walking, this leash is truly perfect for them. It's nicely made and for a price under 30 dollars for this nice leather quality its a steal!

Maybe they will come out with colors soon, but this is a lovely Leash and very well made!

If you would like to purchase or find out more about the Lavien Braided Leather Leash, check out the link below:

This Laviden Dog Leash in leather is nicely made and long and strong to walk my friends two large dogs. She has a mix dog and one German Sheperd, who loves to pull. I found this
to be a strong sturdy leash, that didn't cause discomfort in my hand, while walking the dog as she loves to pull. I notice the leather stays in tact doesn't break up or become rubbish or destroyed after a few uses. That is something I hate to see happen to a beautiful product, but some products aren't made to last even after 1-3 uses. 

Unlike most leashes made of leather, this one is thicker and doesn't feel heavy, but is made to withstand any large dog you put on it. Back in the military, if I knew about these back than I would of shared the idea to the officers who had their German Shepherd and other dogs they took with them to try out. I really think they are a great product and worth the amount.

You won't find good quality leather at a cheap price, but under $25 dollars this is a great deal and it will last long!

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