Sunday, November 23

Why airless bottles are so important for your skin care products?

Most of us have become real connoisseurs, when it comes to picking various products for skin care, as good looks are so important to us in our modern world. Lots of these products do have the miracle working potential in keeping our skin young and good looking, as it is with Vitamin C serum for instance. However, it’s not enough to pick the best products for your skin care routine.

You need to be sure all those amazing creams, sprays and serums stay effective after you open them up, because some of these ingredients are just too sensitive to the air and can easily get damaged after you open your cream box or bottle. Lots of organic skin treats greatly reduce their efficacy when exposed to air. That is why airless skin care product packaging is so important. It ensures the product stays equally effective after you open the box and start using it.

Moreover, airless packaging of Vitamin C serum or other topicals makes it shelf live longer even without the need to add any preservatives into the products. This means organic products can stay truly organic with no excessive addition of “chemicals”. So, next time you pick your skin care product, don’t just read the label, examine its packaging to see, if it’s the right one.

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