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Two new Kohree Lights : LED Super Bright Solar Motion Sensor and Bright LED Wall Light

Today I have two LED products by Kohree that will light your path through out the night. They are easy to install and are super bright because of the LED lights. No waste of electricity and money saved in your pocket is what your receiving when you own one of these
Kohree LED Light Products.

Product 1: Kohree 16 LED Super Bright Waterproof Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor

This is an easy to set up Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light by Kohree, with 16 LED lights making it bright and easy to get around your yard at night. The solar panel is large enough to absorb the sun light during the day, no wires or outlets to plug it in is needed. The sun is your only battery!

The sensor is located on the bottom, so when you pass by it turns on immediately and it's easier to catch any moving or hidden person that may be outside your house even you.

Everything is included to mount the LED Solar Sensor to the side of the house, or where ever you prefer. I find having it right in the front of my porch is perfect, plus it replaces my light bulb wire opperated one. Just make sure you get enough sunlight during the day, so avoid placing it under or in any area where no light may absorb on to the solar panel.

large solar panel

However, after 12+ hours you'll have a powered sensor to light the entire night when ever you need it. It comes in handy and if you replace the one that takes electricity rather than sun energy, you'll save in the long run!

If you would like to purchase this product, please take a look at the link below:

Product 2:  Kohree Bright Wireless Motion Sensing LED Wall Light 

The LED Wall Light is easy to install, where ever you need a light. It provides excellent amount of brightness and since it has a motion sensor, you can add a little light to any room that may be dark walking through, or outside. 

The shape is perfect flat like design making it less in the way if you want to attach it to your walk way/path, or even out in your garden or a path that you use to get to your car in the driveway. There is many places you can add this light, even those halls that seem to have no lights in the house making it super dark at night. 

It really doesn't matter where you put it, but with the brightness of this light you will be guaranteed to see your way through!  The Led Wall Light is very fast to catch any movement, as it tells you in 3 meters of the light. I think because of the sensor being as round and easy to see, it will not miss you coming. Makes me think of a huge eyeball, keeping eye on whose around the corner or on their way to the house or through it, depending where you place it.

However, it does turn off so your not wasting battery power. Instead, after 15 seconds it will go off till any thing runs by or comes near it. So your not wasting battery power which it runs on. 

I myself like the style as a framed rectangular shaped design. It makes it easy to place and looks nice to add to any home. doesn't seem too odd or strange, but more elegant in shape and design than most LED and Lights you can purchase.  

Brilliant bright light, 3 different set up modes you can use and easy to change between them ( auto, on, off), and no wires just runs on batteries is what your getting with this product. Very simple to use and wonderful for outdoors and in.

You can find the link to purchase and learn more, down below:

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