Friday, November 21, 2014

Two New Aukey Chargers

Today, I have for you is two new Aukey products that will help keep you going when your battery is dying.

This is a wonderful piece of technology that supports many smartphones that uses Qi. To me it looks like a round disc, but what you see is a wireless charger that 
provides faster charging power verse your regular plug in cord. I am shocked how thin this truly is. Almost like a DVD in size and width. However, even though it's a small thin charger, this device can work at any position you place it. 

You can even place you phone directly on the little ledge that sticks out, when positioning the QI Charger in the upright position. I love the sleek color, how much space is saved with this charger and the ability to hold my phone up like a stand verse charging with a cord and it lying flat.

If you would like to charge your device in a new way, than please take a look at the link below:

A perfect way to charge while in the car, is to use a USB Car Charger. However, most are made for one device or put out only enough power to charge at a slow rate. The Dual Port USB Car Charger by Aukey is really something. It not only gives you two ports, as mention in the name, but it also allows you to charge at fast pace even when your using your device. 

Sometimes, I would be in the car trying to charge my phone while using it, but the phone won't budge any further than maintain or start slowly losing battery power. Why, I wonder because it's not being charged by a high power charger and my phone has
so much battery power needed to keep it performing the background stuff, that it uses more than the adapter was helping to give back. 

Therefore, with the Aukey USB Charger I was given more charging power, that it didn't ever end up decreasing or sticking at the same amount charged every time I'm in the car. I even now don't have to worry about pulling my phone out of the charger so my mom can use it as well because of the Dual Ports, we both can charge at the same time and with the exact amount of high performance as one would get. 

You also are protected by overheating, which causes problems for batteries if your charging and it doesn't need to be charged anymore than it is. A great way to ruin a product fast! I love how fast I can charge and how small and portable the device really is.

I can now store in my glove compartment and begin charging every time I get into the car.

If you would like to learn more about this product, please take a look at the link below:

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