Friday, November 21

TaoTronics Color Led String Lights in 7 rainbow colors Waterproof with 100 LEDs on Copper Wire 33ft LED Starry Light

The Colors in this LED String Lights are a blend of 7 bold colors, which sparkle like twinkling stars. They are on this copper like wire which can form into any shape and very thin, not hard to work with. I love that they are LED lights because their not detected and bulgy when placed on too or around a tree, walkway or just about any place you like. 

The product can be used in many ways, decoration or just for everyday use. However, I love that since the holidays are coming I can decorate my room up with these bright LED lights and be Christmas Ready. However, sometimes I am known to just keep them up all year long and make them into just a fun light to have on at night. 

One plus is that these lights don't let out any harmful chemicals or heat. So if you step outside or away from the house for a few hours, forgetting to shut the lights off, you don't need to worry that the house will be burnt down or catch fire in any way.
Talking about fires, I just had that happen to me from one of my outlets. So, I am thankful to be alive and my mom as well. Therefore, to have a product that won't cause harm as easily as regular light bulbs plugged in, is something that makes them worth the purchase.

Plus, they are waterproof so outdoors or in, they work any place and water will not harm them.  I think if you get them home, as I have you will notice the bright difference and how much more lovely they are in person than just online. The lights twinkle and no detected bulbs, that is what your getting with these LED String Lights.

Just Beautiful!

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