Sunday, November 30

Skin care secrets: oral vs. topical Vitamin C use

Yes, vitamins are great for your health and that’s a fact. Since your skin is the largest body organ, any kind of vitamin naturally and positively affects your skin health and looks. So, is there any good reason to apply Vitamin C topically, if you already take it orally or consume it in foods? If you wish to see what wonders this vitamin can do for you skin, then the answer is: yes.

Scientists have discovered that Vitamin C has many positive effects on the skin. However, human body does not produce any Vitamin C, as it does with other vitamins, such as Vitamin D. Plus, Vitamin C is water solvable and it gets easily washed away from our bodies, when taken orally. That is the reason why topical application of this vitamin in serum or cream can do wonders for your skin. In fact, the effect of topical application boosts by 20 times, if compared to the oral one.

What can you attain by applying Vitamin C serum onto your face skin? You can slow down your skin aging considerably and get rid of many wrinkles you hate so much. Or, you can boost collagen production in your skin and make it more elastic and younger looking. Plus, you can use Vitamin C to help you get rid of those naughty blackheads on your nose or around your lips and on the forehead. Finally, you can keep your skin healthy and protect it from developing skin cancer, as Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. And all these effects grow 20 times, if you apply Vitamin C serum topically.

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