Saturday, November 8

RavPower Dual Port USB Car Charger

The size is perfect for storing in your car without it taking up much space. You get a nice sleek black or white option, but of course I have the black colored Dual Port USB Car Charger.

It's perfect when you have two people trying to charge and don't want to settle with fighting over who will be charging first.  Oddly that ends to be my problem all the time! Having two people in the car, who charger their cell phones don't make it easy. I'm either waiting to stick my phone in the Car's port or my mom is waiting for it. 

However, the RavPower Dual USB Charger works perfectly for the both of us. It keeps us charging same time and doesn't lack in energy going from one smart phone to the next. You pretty much have an even charge to both Smart Phones. Also, for the many other USB charged items you can even fuel them up while on the go, without waiting till you get home. 

Plus, no worries of overheating when it stops automatically and won't keep charging if your battery is full. I think most things need to include that because you could destroy your device if your battery is continuing to charge and end up ruining the battery.

Pretty great product, for the purpose of charging and simple enough for anyone to use.

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