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RAVPower® 15W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger iSmart for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, other Smartphones, GPS, Bluetooth Speakers, Gopro Cameras and More

The RAVPower Foldable Solar Panel is wonderful for outdoor power, without the use of wires or batteries. Instead, the only battery your going to use is sun power. The solar rays will charge this nice size panel, keeping what ever device you own and it will do many different ones, powered up when you can't plug them in. 

Large enough to charge many different type of devices, with 15w

The way it folds down to a slim piece of paper is magnificent! You barely even notice the product, saving you space and the ability to travel along with it anyplace. However, the color is of course sleek as always. Black and green not only work, but you know its RAVPower made and the logo helps too.  

Easy directions

Manual included if you get lost

Velcroed pouch to protect the USB Ports, when not in use and easy to open and pull out when needed

Attach device into these USB Ports
It's always good to have some type of solar product in the house, not only does it prepare you for times without electricity, but also is a safer and kinder way to charge a device. For me, this would of been great when Sandy came and hit NJ.

Large enough panel of three to capture all the sunlight to charge your tablets and phones, plus more!

It would have been the perfect product, allowing me to contact and stay in contact with others such as my twin who lived in a different town. Plus, when something is made very strong, durable and not flimsy or easily able to break in a day than it's worth it. Not only will you

have protection, but years and years of it with a device that will probably outlive all your devices you own and provide you with the same long lasting charging power as it does the day you get it!

Reason, why I love this so much is because solar is so safe, everywhere, and it's made to last and won't break or become useless in my home. 

What You Get With RAVPower 15W Foldable Portable Solar Panel Charger:

  • water resistant nylon= can use outdoors. 
  • Foldable - storing made easier and won't make taking it places a problem, folds in many different positions keeping it easy on you to get the best amount of sun you need to charge your device.
  • iSmart Technology - reduces charging time for your devices, giving you faster time to get back on your electronics
  • Instructions - helpful if you get lost
  • Product - made to be easy to set up and use over and over for multiple devices

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