Thursday, November 13

Pumpkin Pal by Mold Rite

If you are one of those people who enjoy decorating a pumpkin for Halloween or just for cooking up pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but hate all that time it takes to scoop and the mess. Well, the Pumpkin Pal is a perfect companion for you and your family.

From my experience, it is super easy to use, comfortable in the hand with vented like grip handle, and has a huge round scooping top that digs deep into a pumpkin and collects the filling and cuts the time in half verse using a spoon. Another plus, is that with this Pumpkin Pal you can get out the hard to grab filling that is still partially attached to the pumpkin and can cause a struggle to clear out.   

I really love the design, and orange color is easy to tell what your using it for! It's really easy to clean and anyone can use it, safe for all!

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