Friday, November 21

Perfect Grill Gloves - Withstand Heat up to 662°F

The Perfect Grill Gloves are beneficial for anyone who cooks! I myself use them daily because I'm cooking homemade meals all day long. I find these very helpful when roasting meat in the oven or using the grill indoors and out. You really can't go wrong with a pair of these gloves. 
One time I forgot I was wearing them and after basting some roasted chicken in the oven, I actually worn them to iron my hair. I love to multi-task, and it was a good thing I did I almost burnt my hand with the iron, but these are protecting your hands from heat so I was saved.

I know most gloves are sold to be perfect for high heats, but these tend to be short or too huge for the hand. I actually had a pair years ago, different brand that didn't cover most of my arm and the hand part was so large that they kept sliding off. I was more scared of them sliding off than watching out from burning my hand or arm, which I did get burnt a few times from the sliding down.

When you really want to reach far into the oven, over a super hot grill or just while cooking on the stove top, than these are perfect. I would have burns all over my hand if I never had these in my home.

Also, to mention I never seen a pair that can go to 662 degrees F., which is like extra protection from being near open fires.

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