Wednesday, November 26

PencilThings Aluminum Pencil Lengthener Pencil Holder

A pencil or colored pencils get used often at my house and all the way to the end, well try too. It can be tricky when working with a stub of a pencil and trying to get every inch of lead out of it, before tossing it.

Therefore, I'm so glad to have found Aluminum Pencil Lengthener Pencil Holder by a company called PencilThings. The colors are terrific as I have is the pink one. They come in so many metallic colors, but all so beautiful!

gives a nice grip and comfortable hold.

These are the perfect size for a good grip, the tops are like bumpy giving you a nice hold at the neck and doesn't hurt after holding it to use for sketching or drawing.

Not only do they work wonders for my hands, but for kids they can work just as well! It fits your basic pencil and color pencil. Plus, what I love is now those stub pencils of mine look fancier in this Aluminum Pencil Lengthener!

Works great for Colored Pencils as well as Regular, Helped me finish my drawing!

If you would like to make writing, sketching or drawing easier, than take a look at the Aluminum Pencil Lengthener Pencil Holder at the link below:

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