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Mpow Wireless Presentation Powerpoint Presenter with Remote Control and Fly Air Mouse

The Mpow® Wireless Presentation PowerPoint Presenter with Remote Control and Fly Air Mouse is something you should own if you want an easy way to present your presentations, to directly aim on the right target and for everyone to know, if with in a crowd what your talking about.

The Mpow PowerPoint Presenter works like a controller, with pictures to help guide you to your next move. There isn't any hard struggle needed to set up instead when you get the product your able to easily plug and begin playing, as I have. It's just as simple as open the box, insert the product into your computer, and your ready to begin. You also don't need to worry about losing anything or misplacing a piece, because the receiver which you plug into your Windows computer is hidden inside the device. Something that makes keeping things together easier, when it does it for you.

What it really looks like is a mouse, but with the shape your hand is easy to take grip and choose your next button. The way that the buttons are positioned make it easy for anyone to guide through a presentation because of the mouse like setup. Imagine, your mouse with the left and right clicker, now when you look directly at this product you get to view the same thing, plus the middle being able to adjust size. Most of the top buttons are for the laser light and full screen, as the images will show. Then if you travel to the bottom row, your able to erase and draw as well as control the mouse on your computer. 

If you ever do get stuck, the manual does come in handy. I also like that since it's powered by battery, you don't need any outlet or other way to charge the device. Also, the on and off button is a great idea to save power. You just need 2 triple A Batteries which is included, so honestly you really just get this product plug in with the receiver and your ready to begin!
So easy, so much fun, and works for classrooms, businesses, and just about any presentation your giving. A major improvement towards most Laser Pointers I've seen and this isn't your cheap 5-10 dollar pen shape pointer or cat/dog toy.

I really think if you want something to work for you, than choosing a Wireless Laser Powerpoint Presenter by Mpow is a great place to start. 

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