Monday, November 24

Lilla Rose Hair Accessories Review and Giveaway Ends December 14th

Today I have for you, a beautiful product coming from a company known as Lilla Rose. They bring to you the most stunning hair pieces you could ever buy! The many places you may find beautifully designed hair clips, sticks, and bands may fit your tastes, but many of those don't fit your hair. However, Lilla Rose has an entire selection of gorgeous hair accessories, which come in many sizes and shapes.

For example I have fine and curly long hair, but to buy a simple clip wouldn't always fit. Instead, it would fall out easily. The Lilla Rose hair clip in Flexi Small which is the perfect size!  Plus, it's a beautiful and elegant piece for the hair. 

Size on the end of the clip
As you can see, it holds my hair up. No matter, if it's a small amount or an entire ponytale. The small is just the right size, which most retailers sell just one size and not everyone can do just one size.

The variety, sizes and colors you could choose are endless and each is as beautiful as the next. You really can find a great gift for a child, a friend, or even yourself at Lilla Rose.

Here are some Youtube videos showing you how to do these wonderful hair styles with the Flexi Clips:

Here is a quick video I did of the ponytail style with the clip:

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Disclaimer : The giveaway is for those new to Lilla Rose only

If you can't wait and want to buy some, while the prices are wonderful and this makes a great gift for the holidays, please follow this link and see the choices you can buy:

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