Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lady Loves Beauty Pro Salon Silicon Reusable Hair Colouring Hairdressing Highlighting Dye Frosting Cap & Free Hook Random Color

I myself love to highlight my own hair, with the help of my mom. However, it can be costly if your using a cap and wasting them every time. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for 
Lady Loves Beauty Pro Salon Silicon Reusable Hair Colouring Highlighting Dye Cap. It is a product you not only get to use over and over, but really pays for itself after the many times you use it.

The hook makes it easy to pop through holes to pick a small portion of hair or as much as you like.

It forms on your head as a cap or hat and is long enough to cover your entire head. The holes are a perfect size for grabbing the right amount of hair, but avoiding any leakage on to the rest of your hair.

The bottom part of the cap also is very useful, as it flips up creating a edge to avoid dripping on to the length of hair that isn't pulled through.

I never knew about these, until one day researching a better way to save 5-6 dollars for one time use caps of 4 at Sally Beauty Store.

You won't be disappointed with these caps, you can do just about anything with these as you would the 1 time usable ones. However, after like a few uses and faster if your hair grows in fast, you'll be saving money.

If your interested in the Pro Salon Silicon Reusable Hair Colouring Dye Cap, than please take a look at the link below:

*Bonus* Free Hook Included With Purchase*

Thank You 

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