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KleemOrganics 15 minutes skin care a day keeps your wrinkles away

A healthy, fresh and young looking skin is a gift we receive in our youth days, but if wish to maintain this gift through the years of life, we should properly cherish it. Your skin needs at least basic daily care to maintain its good look and stay wrinkle free. Here is how you can use Vitamin C in your quick daily skin routine.

You start by purifying your skin; it’s a must. You may use a number of skin cleansers or make them yourself, but you should always start by removing all the dead skin cells and dirt off your skin. Here is where you can find a great use for Vitamin C. After washing up your skin with water you can dry it up and apply some liquid Vitamin C or spray it on. Vitamin C cleanses your pores from inside out, it removes excessive sebum and dead skin cells, preventing acne formation. Plus, it stimulates the growth of new and healthy skin cells and boosts collagen production within the skin.

This means, your skin stays clean, fresh and does not form new wrinkles easily. Then you nourish your skin. Vitamin C is good here, too. It keeps up the health of your skin blood vessels, meaning your skin gets more oxygen and nourishment from inside and again it stays fresh and healthy.

Number three in our quick daily skin care routine is moisturizing. If you can get enough moisture inside your skin and seal it there, you can keep the wrinkles away. These quick Vitamin C skin care tips may help you preserve your good look for years.

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