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Housweety 20 Pcs Metal Pottery Sculpture Clay Ceramics Extruder Tool Kit

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Today I have is the Housweety 20 Pcs Metal Pottery Sculpture Clay Ceramics Extruder Tool Kit. This kit is meant to help you get the pieces you need in perfect shape and size for your clay, pottery, or sculpture project. Not only is it easy to use, but it can press out all types of dough and clay. 

The tool itself is easy to clean and put back together. Also, to change the different shapes on the bottom part, is to unscrew it and than place the shape you would like to use in place. It really is easy and if your trying to push out many shapes the easy twist on bottom and strong durable pushing top makes it a whole lot easier. 

Imagine trying to create eye balls or round circles for a vase, it can be tiresome, but with this tool you can push out many of the same size and design faster and easier.

It can be used in so many places, but for me I'm using it at home to a hobby of mine in clay pottery and bead making.

This is a terrific ExtrudernKit for making the perfect size pieces and shapes easier.

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