Friday, November 14, 2014

Foxnovo Battery Charger and Batteries Review

This is a great gadget to keep your batteries energized. The Battery Capacity Testing Charger is perfect for in home charging of your rechargeable batteries or on the road with the car adapter, which is included in the package. You can really charge a variety of batteries sizes with this LCD Intelligent Battery Charger. It is something I never seen before because I know of other chargers, but this one including the LCD display window is something so different and the ability to charge in your car, is awesome!
Outlet power cord

Car power cord

I love how easy it is to charge the batteries up and how the noise alarms you when they are done and completely charged. That really makes a difference, since you don't have to worry about guessing if they have finished or not.

The variety of batteries you can charger are from the normal A's to many more. Plus with a handy car charger you can always charge when every you need too. It does a quick job charging as well, won't slow you down when you want something charged for you that day.

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You can even purchase the batteries that will last a long time! Foxnovo 3100mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Batterys They are a perfect pair to have around the house, when you need backup or need to charge up again. Mainly, these would be your best bet to charge your batteries to a cell phone or MP3 player or a small device! They fit in the Foxnovo Battery Charger, perfectly

I use these to boost my cell phones charge, when its about to die. I also can use it to fuel my mini MP3 and small USB port devices. This is just the right amount of power, and since its rechargeable it doesn't lose its ability to charge for over 1000 times. 

So what you have with these battery's are:

  • 1000 Recharges 
  • Protection From Over Charging
  • High Compacity 3100mAh
  • A Continuous Power Sorce
  • 2 Pack

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