Tuesday, November 4

Foxnovo 10400mAh Dual-Port Backup External Power Bank Charger

The Foxnovo 10400 mAh gives you a really nice, sleek designed battery bank, with dual ports. You have the ability to actually help recharge your tablets and stronger smartphones that need more power to charge verse the 3000-5000mAh powered external batteries.

I love that it works a lot faster to charge your product and you can do both at the same time. It isn't a huge or bulky charger, but slim and easy to grab which is perfect for on the road. Even the price can't be beat! It really is worth it!

Comes with the attachments for many electronics

Not only can you do your tablets and phones, but MP3 players or any other USB powered devices. This is something anyone who goes through bad weather and loses power in the house could use. Could save a life, could help you when your stranded outdoors, and
even if your using it to charge something any time of day than this is the best item to get with that 10400mAh.

lovely carry pouch for everything

Better power charger verse others and such a nice design, could make a great gift for a loved one. I know I have a few members who love digital gadgets and this would help them out a lot since they basically don't even have to stop and go charge from an outlet when they can
use this to recharge their products. I really recommend this if your like me who always using their phone on the go and want something to charge it faster or better yet your tablet.

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