Monday, November 10

Etekcity Lasergrip Thermometer Gun

The Etekcity Lasergrip Thermometer Gun is an easy to use temperature displaying gun. You easily take a shot towards the destination you want a reading for.

The handle is long enough and easy to grip on, while the digital display, LCD Screen is lit and easy to read the numbers of the temperature. Your given a battery, so no need to purchase one to use this product right away.

Soft to hold in your hand and very durable!

A red laser is shot out of the hole on top of the gun to help guide you to the point your aiming for. So you can really get a good idea and exact area you want for it's temperature reading.

You can use in the house, outside, and pretty much any place!

Lit up display

I found it handy for spotting issues with my oven, which should be cooking food faster at certain temps, but hasn't been and costing me hours longer to cook. The gun pinpointed what temperature It was really heating everything at, even though the dial was set at a different amount.

It also is great to know how hot my room is with the heaters going and what room is lacking in heat or why one isn't getting enough heat verse too much. This is a really handy tool to have in your home or on the job.

So simple to use and I actually love the colors. Plus, for the big screen to display the temperatures and easy to function buttons, make this even better!

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