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Etekcity® 30W/6A 4-Port USB Travel Portable Power Adapter High-Output Universal Wall Outlet Charger Adapter

The Etekcity USB Travel Adapter is a wonderful thing to have. I like most have so many electronics and not many places to stick a USB charger to charge them. However, the Travel Adapter makes taking it along or using it in the house to keep my products charging at a a strong and fast pace. I can have things finally charging at the same time! For me, I use like 3 things or more at a time and to have one USB Port is great, but it would slow my work down and I just can't have that!

However, the 4 Port USB Travel Adapter allows me to charge my phone, my tablet and a few other things when I'm not at the house to do so. The Cord fits all normal outlets, so I can plug it right in and begin charging in any hotel or any place with an outlet. 
Also, it doesn't have to be just one person, My mom or another family member can charge their phone as I charge mine and we don't need to take turns. Actually, 4 people could be charging at the same time and not have to wait for one another to be done.

I wish I knew about this sooner, not only does it free up other outlets in the house, but on the road it gives you the power to keep charge and going as you would at home!
I love the design, not bulky not huge and the color is always sleek and stylish for anyone.  

A perfect product to own in the home, out at a hotel or any place you want to charge multiple devices fast and safely.

Here is a little bit about what your getting with the Etekcity 30w/6A 4-Port USB Portable Outlet Charger-
  • Faster Performance - charge 4 devices at a speed to keep you working
  • Protection -  Over charge will never occur, once the battery is full the product won't charge no longer.
  • Style - Black is always sleek plus the design is easy to store away.
  • 4 USB Port - Hardest to find an extra USB Port, only if you have a Laptop, but this will give you the ability to charge in an outlet and 4 devices at once!
Great for a gift or just for yourself. Between you and me, there is like no one now a days who doesn't have a cell phone, tablet or an MP3 player they don't use.

You can find this Etekcity 4 Port USB Portable Wall Outlet Charger at the link below:

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